#Wine101: Freshen Up On These 7 Types Of Wine

Red Wine

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Do you know the different types of wine? You may feel uncomfortable to ask around, especially when you’re about to order a bottle of wine on your date. But quite frankly, there are just a handful of people who really know about wine.

Wine drinking has always been associated with sophistication and class, and you can seem like a “know-it-all” even if you know just how to pronounce the name right.

First of all, before you set out to find the perfect wine, there are a few things that you have to know about the types of wines, if you want to please your date, and share a great bottle of wine! This simple guide should help you understand the different types of wine and its specialty in no time.

Types of Wine
Winemakers throughout the world use hundreds of different grape varieties to make different kinds of wine. The types of grapes used to make a wine are probably the single most important factor in the taste of the wine.

There are a few varieties that you are most likely to come across as you scan through a list of different wines. Knowing these basic varieties can help you order the best kind, and impress your date at the same time!

Cabernet Sauvignon [Cab-er-nay Sau-vin-yon]
This is the world’s most renowned grape variety for the production of red wines. The best Cabernet Sauvignon comes from Bordeaux, France, although it is grown in most of the major wine producing areas.

Chardonnay [Shar-doh-nay]
This has become the world’s most often purchased dry white wine. Chardonnay is grown in nearly every wine producing area of the world. Usually aged in oak barrels, the wine is rich in strong flavors and aromas. The wine contains a fruity character with vanilla and buttery components.

Chenin Blanc [Shen-in Blaank]
It is one of the most widely grown grapes. These days, many vineyards are replacing this grape with Chardonnay and other grapes that can fetch higher prices. It has a very fruity character and blends very well with Chardonnay to add fruit and acidity.

Grenache [Gren-ash]
It is the world’s second most widely planted grape variety. Grenache tends to be sweet but doesn’t have a lot of character unless it was well-vinified. This grape is grown in many places that have to deal with drought and extreme heat.

Pinot Gris [Pea-no gree]
This brown colored grape has become very successful these days. It produces a dry and crisp white wine with a heady feel and rich in spice flavors.

Pinot Noir [Pea-no nwaa]
The premier grape of the Burgundy region of France. It is a very difficult grape to grow but if well grown, they can be made into a wine that is rich and complex, tasting of black cherries, raspberries, and mint.

Riesling [Reese-ling]
This is one of the world’s great wines. Reisling grapes need cooler climates and thrive in places like Germany. It has a high level of acidity and are very floral and fruity. This wine is noted for being a wine that has great age potential.

Keeping this list of wine in mind, you can practically walk into any restaurant and order the best wine to compliment your dish without sweating a bead.

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